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#Miss Universe 2013 - Gabriela Isler from Venezula#
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Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia on November 9, 2013
Miss Universe 2013 Recap - ft. Emin's "In Another Life"
Gabriela Isler, Miss UniverseVenezuela 2013, competes in the swimsuit competition in her 2014 YAMAMAY FOR MISS UNIVERSE swimwear collection featuring footwear by Chinese Laundry during the Preliminary Competition

COUNTRY: Venezuela
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5’ 10”

Gabriela Isler started taking flamenco dancing lessons when she was a child, but says that her “real training” began when her niece was born.

After finishing her thesis three years ago, Gabriela has regularly helped her sister take care of her daughter, and even considers herself a second mother to the child.

Gabriela currently works as a talent on the Venevision TV Network, but considers motherhood the hardest profession in life.

Above all else, she values being at home, surrounded by the people she loves.
Miss Universe Bikini Show Part
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