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The Walking Dead returns this Sun., Oct. 13 at 9/8c on AMC.
Be ready for Season 4
Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about some unexpected prep he did in the off-season for his character and why he’ll be shaving when the season’s over.

Q: Season 4 opens with Rick assuming the role of a farmer. Did you do anything to prepare for this new vocation?

A: Well I just moved to a farm in England, so yeah, it worked out kind of nicely that Rick became a pig farmer. I planted a lot of trees in my orchard and basically did some farming in between seasons. It was unknown to me but it was a kind of method break. I like planting trees — it makes me feel good about myself.

Q: Do you have experience with livestock on your farm?

A: We’ve got chickens. I do love pigs and I’m trying to ship them home. I’d love to get some Iberian pigs and get them in our field, but my wife doesn’t want them. She wants horses and I’m losing the battle for pig over horse.

Q: What did you know in the off-season about where Rick was headed?

A: We wanted to certainly address the Carl issue and his responsibilities as a father to both of his children. On the back of Andrea dying and bringing in the people from Woodbury, we talked a lot about maybe dialing him back. It’s funny, because I think this season can be summed up in a question, which is, Can we ever come back from the things we’ve done and return to the people we once were? For a lot of the characters this season, that’s interwoven in their story lines.

Q: Rick’s sporting a burlier beard this season — was that your choice?

A: No, my wife can’t wait to see the end of this beard! It’s not a very popular beard in the Andrew Lincoln household. My son saw a picture of me in Season 1, and Tilly, my daughter asked him, do you know who that is? And my son, who’s three years old thought the bearded man in front of him had given birth to Rick in Season 1. You can laugh but I’ve got the gray hairs to show it. I’m convinced that every zombie year is like a dog year, it adds seven years on.
Q&A – Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes)
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